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Matheus Smallegangesbuurt, 1986, fotograaf Markerink

Medan (Indonesia), 12 May 1951

Studied at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda and the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. As a photo journalist he works for a large number of daily newspapers and weeklies. He made various photo reports in Suriname.

For the architects Lucien Lafour and Theo Bosch he photographed various projects. He  founded publishing house Fragment and was editor of the photo journal Plaatwerk.

As an architectural photographer Markerink thinks it is a pity that there seems to be so little interest for buildings 'in action'. Every moment of the day (warm or cold, day or night, rain or sunshine) a building shows another kind of use of the architecture, thereby demonstrating whether the architect has thought everything out properly.

In 1997 the Rijksmuseum has purchased additional photographs by Cary Markerink and Theo Baart from the series 'De snelweg' ('The Motorway'), a view on the tarmaced parts of the Netherlands.

Life in post-war neighbourhoods

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