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Voorlichting van de Rutgers Stichting in de Jaap Edenhal in Amsterdam, 1978, fotograaf Ariens

Vught, 8 December 1944

Documentary photographer. From 1976 onwards she regularly exhibits in various museums, including in 1981 in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Since 1983, Curaçao has been the focus of her attention about which she published a number of photo books. At the moment she is working on a documentary about the carnival in Curaçao. In her work people, especially women and families, are important topics: people embedded in their social context and culture.

In 1993 she was awarded the Kees Scherer prize for the best Dutch photo book,  "In de beste tradities" ("In the best traditions").

Women in Motion
Document the Netherlands: Sundays

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