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Van Agt op campagne in Amersfoort, 1981, fotograaf De Kam

Coevorden, 1950

Self-taught. Works as a freelance photo journalist for De Groene Amsterdammer, De Nieuwe Revu, De Volkskrant and Trouw and also publishes in the photo journals Plaatwerk and Perspektief.

He has occupied himself with corporate photography and art, interior and studio photography with photographer Viktor Nieuwenhuijs. Following his own interests he photographs landscapes, amongst others a series about vanished railroads in the Netherlands. In 1980 he worked together with Jan Everhard and Paul Babeliowsky on the publication Het feest dat Wiegel wilde, 30 april 1980 (The party that Wiegel wanted, 30 April 1980), about Beatrix' succession to the throne. In the same year he cooperated on the photo report 'Dodewaard gaat dicht '81' ('Dodewaard has to close '81') . In 1987 he is involved in the creation of the book 'Parlementaire fotografie, van Colijn tot Lubbers' (Parliamentary photography, from Colijn to Lubbers').

Since 1992 he has been working on the project 'Alles verandert' ('Everything changes'), to which he has allotted twenty years. During those twenty years he photographs, always from the same spot, the landscape at 14 different locations in the Netherlands. Together, these photographs will document the changes in the landscape over time. In 1996 the Amsterdam Centre for Photography presented an overview of the project's results thus far.

Election Campaign '81

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