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Varkenshouderij met 3000 varkens, 1980, fotograaf Van Bennekom

Amsterdam, 13 July 1933

Pseudonymn of Lodewijk van Bennekom. Self-taught. When in the army he decided to make photography his profession. From 1956 until 1965 he worked as a news and reporting photographer for the communist daily newspaper De Waarheid. After he had left De Waarheid, he started to work for the Amsterdam UITkrant and thus became a theatre photographer and the "face" of the Amsterdam art life. Besides making theatre pictures he also photographs his own family.

In 1959 his work was purchased by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Leiden University Prentenkabinet. In 1960 he took part in a group exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum.

In 2002 he was awarded the Frans Banninck Cocq medallion by the Amsterdam City Council for his merit as a city photographer.

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