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Twee werken van Leon van der Heijden, 1988, fotograaf Van Alphen

Exhibition: 1989-1990

How does art function in society, from its production to its consumption? Most of the time the general public sees only the deceptive beauty of the outside of the art world: the openings, the smart receptions, the prestigious exhibitions. Behind it is the world of jury's, commissions, unions and artists' collectives, including the images of artists that hold out without making it into the official circuit and without the help of the so-called 'Beeldende Kunstenaars Regeling (BKR)'.

The immediate cause for this photo commission was the abolition of the BKR grant scheme, that until then had guaranteed artists an income in exchange for their work. It was replaced by a new cultural policy focusing on art instead of artists. This changed the situation of many artists.

Oscar van Alphen
Ferry André de la Porte
Nick Sinclair

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