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Affiches Zeebelt door Studio Dunbar.

About the image:

In 1983, Theater Zeebelt on the Willemstraat in The Hague was founded. The founders were Gert Dumbar, director of the graphic design agency Studio Dumbar and Abe van der Werff. The theater became an experimental laboratory for exploring cabaret, theater and graphic design to one’s heart’s content.

The posters for the theater served as monthly programs. As costs had to be kept to a minimum, a photographic still life was made that was used for three months. The program was screen printed over this in one color and then various visual elements were added. Each still life was adapted several times by different designers of the Studio.
The photographed still lifes were made of plaster casts by the designer Gert Dumbar himself. The still lifes were photographed by Lex van Pieterson, regular photographer for the Studio.

Poster Dutch Archives for Graphic Designers (NAGO).

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