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The poster collection of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands (formerly the collection of the Film Museum) consists of an extensive collection of posters from many different countries and time periods. Film posters form part of the publicity package accompanying movies but apart from this they are also of artistic, cultural and historical value.  EYE therefore collects and presents the posters from an artistic as well as a film history point of view.

The earliest poster dates back to 1896 and the collection is still being expanded on a daily basis with contemporary material. The 6000 posters on the website of the Memory of the Netherlands constitute the main part of the film posters designed in the Netherlands. The collection primarily consists of 20th century posters.

Western affiche door Vandejong.

About the image:

For the larger programs, the Film Museum frequently collaborated with renowned designers. In 2002, they started cooperating with communications agency Vandejong. The first poster published was made for a program on Western movies. The approach taken was different in that the usual images of famous film stars or film scenes were avoided and instead the subject was portrayed in an associative way. A group of galloping horses served as models.

Furthermore, the repetitive nature and movement of film images was incorporated by using a structured pallet of small images. Variations on this theme were used regularly in the following years, with the poster for the summer program on Elisabeth Taylor (2003) being one of the nicest. Vandejong was awarded the Dutch Design Award for this campaign in 2004. 

Poster EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

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