Albert Verwey

A collection of the Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam

Albert Verwey, aged 40, November 1905. Photo.

Albert Verwey (1865-1937) took to the literary stage as spokesman for an idealistic generation and went on to become a highly respected professor. As poet, critic and editor of literary journals and as man of letters he played an important role in the cultural life of his time.

Verwey's literary legacy was assigned on loan to the Municipality of Amsterdam in 1944. They housed the material in the University of Amsterdam Library (UBA). In 1983, the UBA became the owner of the collection that is managed by the Special Collections.

The Memory of the Netherlands displays a selection of manuscripts, letters, photos and publications. Albert Verwey was one of the culture bearers of his time and was in close contact with many other famous people. The collection therefore not only depicts his life and work but also shows the culture and society to which he belonged.

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