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Albert Verwey, aged 70. Photo.

In 1944, Verwey's heirs loaned his literary legacy to the Municipality of Amsterdam. They housed the material in the University Library. In 1983, the library became owner of the collection. This occurred after the publication of Dichtspel (Poetic game), a collection of poems and translations by Verwey. The Friends of the Library helped finance this collection, thereby contributing to the acquisition of the collection.

Staff members from the project Repertorium Brieven Albert Verwey (Inventory of Correspondence Albert Verwey) were later able to trace approximately 10,000 letters from other collections. These letters have, where possible, been added to the collection as photocopies and sometimes the originals have even been included. The collections of Albert's children Mea and Floris can now also be found in the University of Amsterdam Library.

The selection presented at the Memory of the Netherlands shows the great diversity of Verwey's literary activities through the years. Aspects from his personal life are also depicted.

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