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Detail van collage van handtekeningen in albumThe list of those who collaborated on the 'book from friends' provides a cross section of the 19th century cultural elite; writers, poets, scholars, politicians, clergymen, statesmen and many well-known artists contributed to it. We come across poems by Piet Paaltjens (Francois Haverschmidt's pen name), Nicolaas Beets and J.J.L. ten Kate. The drawings and aquarelles include works by Isaac and Joseph Israels, Anton Mauve and Hendrik W. Mesdag.

The number of contributions made by clergymen, visual artists and school teachers is striking. The fact that many visual artists, particularly members of the Hague School, collaborated on the book, is most probably owed to the writer's husband. Johannes Bosboom was most active in art circles in The Hague. Clergymen and school-teachers will have been especially taken with the characteristics of Mrs Bosboom-Toussaint's works.

The writer herself was disappointed about the small number of contributions from prominent anti -revolutionary politicians and wrote about the reason as follows: 'but it is the Conservatives of all people, neither friends nor intimates, who started the thing, and Beets is the only one of my friends to have sat on the committee. And there are purists among the members of the Anti-Revolutionary Party who refused to collaborate because they could not possibly associate themselves in whatever way with people like Dr Jan ten Brink! Quite narrow-minded and petty, in fact, since they would not have done it for J.t.B. but for me - still the greater number of that party abstained! and in my book I come across artists and friends, a multitude of modern clergymen and professors and college teachers, who do not live in an odour of great orthodox sanctity here, and from whom I least expected sympathy and reverence. (...) At least, it proves that one does not take me for a party follower, which I am not, fortunately.'

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