Liber Amicorum A.L.G. Bosboom-Toussaint, 1882 > The Liber Amicorum after her death

De cassette waarin de bladen oorspronkelijk geborgen warenAfter the death of the writer in 1886, her next of kin gave the Liber Amicorum on loan to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, where it remained until 1912.

In that year, the hundredth anniversary of the writer's birth was celebrated in a most elaborate way in her birthplace Alkmaar. The festivities included unveiling a bronze bust of Mrs Bosboom-Toussaint. Impressed by all the attention the city of Alkmaar had shown, the family donated the book, together with other objects and records recalling the writer, to the Alkmaar municipal archives and adjoining municipal museum.

In the 1960s the collections of the archives and the museum were separated. The book passed into the hands of the municipal archives, the present Regionaal Archief in Alkmaar. At that time, the splendidly decorated wooden box, in which the leaves had been encased originally, was given to the Alkmaar Municipal Museum. It forms part of the museum's permanent exhibition.

For further data on the Liber Amicorum, see: Bettine Siertsema, 'Een vriendenwoordje op een los blaadje' in: M. van der Bijl et al. editor, Alkmaar in de 19de eeuw. Facetten van een stedelijke samenleving (Alkmaarse Historische Reeks deel VI; Alkmaar, 1984) pp 74-92.

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