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 Women demanding meat,1948The Ben van Meerendonk/ Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau (AHF) photo collection consists of approximately 75,000 negatives made for various Dutch newspapers in the years from 1945 until 1969.

After a period of neglect, the negatives came into the possession of the IISG in 1990. Prints have been made of many of the vulnerable negatives since then, starting with those that corresponded closely to the subject matter traditionally collected by the IISG (i.e. political parties and unions). Subsequent selections were broader and contained more photographs of social events and daily life.

Pictures were also printed that had been used in publications and from negatives that threatened to be lost by acidification. Besides this, 270 extra prints were made for The Memory of the Netherlands. The 1900 digitised prints in The Memory provide an excellent cross-section of the Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau collection.

All pictures are in black-and-white, and are printed at a size of 8 by 10 inches (20.5 by 25.5 cm). They are described individually and are filed by person, place, year and keyword. The descriptions, along with those of other photographs, can also be accessed in the IISG online catalogue.

Examples from this collection Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau, 1945-1969 (General Dutch Press Photograph Agency)

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