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The collection gives an overview of the daily news issued by the ANP in 1963, 1964 and 1965. The ANP had several in-house photographers, including Arthur Bastiaanse, Dick Coersen, Ben Hansen, André van der Heuvel, Ruud Hoff, Jacques Klok, Egbertus Martens, Cor Mulder, Herman Pieterse, Ton Schurz, Ge van der Werff and Peter van Zoest. The photographers were responsible for the daily production of the news photos ANP supplied to the newspapers at the time.

Together with the editors, the photographers decided which photos were to be sent to the newspapers. The leftover photos were archived in scrapbooks along with the photos that had been sent to the newspapers. This means that the archives also contain images not previously published. These unpublished images have also been digitized for the Memory of the Netherlands. The integral digitization of part of the archive provides the Dutch public with a better understanding of news gathering and the presentation of news. 

The subject matter of the photos can be divided into the following categories: national, international, sports, the economy, royalty and entertainment. Every day, choices were made as to what the photographers were to immortalize with their lens. This resulted in a variety of subjects in the years 1963 through to mid-1968.

In 1963, Hendrik Koekoek, better known as Farmer Koekoek, was elected to the Dutch House of Representatives with his Farmers’ Party. A year later, the wedding of Princess Irene and Carlos Hugo de Bourbon-Parma was the focus of attention. In 1966, the same year the Cals Cabinet fell, Princess Beatrix got married. A year later, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander was born. The judoka Anton Geesink and the cyclist Jan Jansen made the front pages of the international press: Geesink won a gold medal at the Olympic Summer Games and Jansen became the world champion of bicycle racing. Finally, the visit of the Beatles and, three years later, of the Rolling Stones caused chaotic situations in Amsterdam. 

This collection is part of the general ANP collection.

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