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MOA Museum Oud Amelisweerd preserves, administers and exhibits the extensive oeuvre of Armando, one of the most important postwar artists in the Netherlands. During World War II, Armando lived in Amersfoort. His multifaceted work reflects his war experiences in universal themes such as guilt and innocence, good and evil, transience, reminiscence and melancholy. Armando transcends his personal recollections in his artistic expression, and illustrates these themes in a highly penetrating way. The all-embracing theme 'the tragedy of man' is present in all of his artistic expressions, regardless of the medium.

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Armando’s work is exceptionally varied. Not only did he create paintings and sculptures of monumental size but he also made drawings and wrote both prose and poetry. Armando has more than thirty books to his name, including fairy tales, both for children and adults. For more than 25 years, he and Cherry Duyns were responsible for the television and theater program Herenleed, een programma van weemoed en verlangen (Gentlemen’s grief, a program of wistfulness and desire). In addition, he is known as a moviemaker and violist. Armando was awarded many prizes for his visual, literary and musical work.

The virtual Armando Museum provides a comprehensive index of Armando’s work in all its diversity. The content focuses on six central themes. The Armando Museum is the only Dutch museum that centers on the oeuvre of a single living artist. This implies that the virtual museum’s work is an ongoing process.

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