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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum
Pim Slot, project leader
John Leek,  project leader and educational application editor
Johan Oomen, ICT advise and technical support
Tim Manders, selection and descriptions of moving images
Marijke Res, selection and descriptions of audio
Yvonne Ahrend and Malenka Lukowski, selection and description of photographs
Kita van Slooten and Daniel Steinmeier, management of the digitisation process for video and audio
Olav Speets, Guus van Lamoen and Liek Bouma, digitisation of photographs

Educational application
Hans Bulthuis and Edward Schenk, didactic concept and research
Imagine IC / Liane van der Linden, INHOUDELIJK advice
Hoofdwerk bv, Almere / Martijn Plak and Martijn Leopold, Technical design, interaction design and realisation
Kiss the Frog, Delft / Marijn Post,  Flash intros
Tessa Boerman, synopsis and text for Flash intro on migration
ILO-UVA  / Marc Kropman and Ries Sieswerda, didactic advice
Teachers and students of the Alberdingk Thijmcollege, Hilversum and the Bernhard Niewuenteit College, Amsterdam-Noord, test schools
INIZIO, Amsterdam, graphical design

NOB Cross Media Facilities / Job Lemmens, Tristan Zondag, Mark Sijbrands, encoding amd transcoding video
NOB Audio / Jos van den Berg and Tin Jonker, encoding and transcoding audio

Surfnet BV, hosting media- and audiofiles

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