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?New building for sound and visionThe Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is busy digitising much more material than that presented within the Memory of the Netherlands collection. In the pavilions and in the 'Media Lounge' of the new Sound and Vision building, which will be opened in 2006 in the Media Park in Hilversum, as much as 10,000 hours of audiovisual heritage will find a home.

Those 10,000 hours will also be included in a new multimedia catalogue (IMMix), in which both professional users (broadcasting companies) and schools can search and order material online.

The digital lesson of Memory in Motion about migrants will be followed up in the National Source Bank (NBB), to which schools in primary and secondary education can subscribe from 2005. This will offer them access to thousands of video and audio clips for use in their classrooms or media libraries.

From 2005, higher education will be able to subscribe to Academia, a service that offers universities and polytechnics access to thousands of hours of audiovisual material, well suited to use in electronic learning environments.

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