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In 1998, Aart Klein entrusted his entire negative archive to the Nederlands fotomuseum (Dutch Museum for Photography). It included negatives classified by year and month and also a small selection of negatives from the photographer’s most important publications. For a long time, Aart Klein considered preserving only his own selection for the future, just as the American photographer Edward Weston had done. Nevertheless, the Nederlands fotomuseum acquired the complete archive.

Aart Klein photographed in the Delta area between 1957 and 1983. The greater part of the shots concern the construction of the Delta Works in Zeeland and South Holland: the Volkerak Works (1955-1977), the Haringvliet Dam (1956-1972), the Grevelingen Dam (1958-1966), the Veerse Gat Dam (1958-1961), the Brouwers Dam (1963-1972), the Oosterscheldekering (1967-1986), the Philips Dam (1976-1987) and the flood barrier in the Hollandse IJssel river.

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