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The IISG pictorial material can be accessed via the on-line catalogue. A selection has been made from this catalogue of all the Dutch pictorial material from 1860-1918 related to the Dutch labour movement in the broad sense of the word.

More than 6000 items have been digitized. They can be found on this website as JPEG files at a fixed width of 750 pixels. Many of the items are also shown at a width of 1,200 pixels. All images are digitized in RGB colours.

The data and metadata accompanying the images are taken from the IISG catalogue. The date, place, maker (such as photographer or artist), organizations, depicted persons and locations are all stated, if known. The titles of the prints are also included. The subject of the image is described in headwords. A full list of IISG headwords can be found here.

Two hundred brochures have been selected. Every effort has been made to include the most important authors and organizations and to cover a broad range of subjects and viewpoints. The texts can be viewed as images and can also be searched as texts.


Examples from this collection The Dutch Labour Movement till 1918

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