The Niestadt photo collection of the Zijpe Museum > Colophon

Project leadership and final responsibility:

  • Frank van Loo
  • Gerard van Nes

Technical realisation:

  • Gerard van Nes


  • Frank van Loo, unless otherwise indicated

Availability/donation of photographs:

  • W.F. Ran-Niestadt and L.M. Ketele-Niestadt (daughters of Willem Niestadt) and their partners

'Saving of garbage bags full of photo material':

  • Corry Cramer-Keijzer
  • Tif Cramer
  • Riek Koning-Keijzer
  • Annemies Schenk-Eriks
  • Ed Barendregt

Conversion/ditigisation of photo material:

  • Pictura Imaginis, Heiloo
    The cleaning and digitisation was made possible in part by a subsidy from the province of NorthHolland and donations from the RABObank of Schagen and the VSB fund.

Disclosing the material (metadata):

  • Ed Barendregt
  • Piet Klant
  • Annemarie van Loo-Mulder
  • Frank van Loo
  • Gerard van Nes
  • Annemies Schenk-Eriks
  • Simone Verduin

Other contributors:

  • Mees Dapper (retired trainer/horseman)
  • Jan van Diepen (retired cattle farmer)
  • Arie Kooijman (skating/bicycle races)
  • Willy Maris-Eriks (flooding)
  • Kees Otter (windmills)
  • Piet Rentenaar ('kolfspel')
  • Jan Ruijgrok (retired cattle trader)
  • Jaap Ruijter (former chairman of the Easter cattle exhibit)
  • Jan Schenk (retired agrarian)
  • Sjaak Schipper (cattle farming/dairy)
  • Klaske Schotsman-Mollema (flower pageant of Winkel)
  • Bert Siezen (Kolhorn news coverage)
  • Piet Verduin (Schager Courant editorinchief, 1968-1988)
  • Ank van der Water-Roggeveen (West-Frisian Markets)
  • Breg Wit-Kuit (equitation)
  • and many others


Some pictures within the collection are reproductions of previously made Niestadt photographs. The original photographer has been credited wherever possible alongside reproductions of nonNiestadt photographs.

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