De Waarheid. In the shadow of the reconstruction > Freek Aal (1923-2004)

Freek Aal worked as a photographer for De Waarheid from 1947 to 1963. Initially, he alternated his job as photographer with his work as car mechanic and chauffeur for the editorial staff. In addition, he took photos for the Algemeen Hollandsch Fotopersbureau (General Dutch Photo Press Agency,) that had been founded by Ben van Meerendonk shortly after the liberation, and was commissioned by the Uilenspiegel magazine. He also took photos for pamphlets of both the trade unions and the peace movement.  

In the early 1960s, personal circumstances made it increasingly difficult for Aal to be away from home. Moreover, he had difficulty supporting his family on the meager wages paid by De Waarheid. This was one of the reasons that Aal, who did not want to work for other - in his view anti-communist - newspapers, resigned and resumed his former occupation as car mechanic.

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