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Around 1930, Hans Wolf came into contact with Joris Ivens and was his assistant for a short time. Subsequently, at the invitation of film maker Jean Dréville, he worked in Paris as assistant cameraman for the film Pomme d'Amour. As a result of the economic crisis, he was unable to find work in the film industry after this film.

Roaming around Paris, Wolf began taking photos. Several of his striking experimental pictures were published by the magazine Filmliga. On his return from Paris, he came into contact with Paul Schuitema's group and for a while lived in the community center of Voorburg, where Emmy Andriesse also lived. In 1935 and 1936 he was Piet Zwart's assistant.

Being a dedicated communist, Wolf's friends and clients came from circles with similar convictions. After WWII, for example, he was the permanent photographer for Uilenspiegel. In addition, he mainly made portraits of children. These photos were to be published at the end of the 1950s by the Amsterdam publishing company Paris, but despite a contract the book was never published. This breach of contract made Hans Wolf decide to give up photography and qualify as a French teacher.

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