De Waarheid. In the shadow of the reconstruction > Between the police and the BVD

The photographers' work did not always proceed without problems. The BVD (the Dutch National Security Service) kept a close eye on them and the police was also not keen on the cameras recording everything. Moreover, taking photos in a furious crowd was no easy feat according to Dolf Kruger: ‘Take, for example, the beating policemen on the Dam Square. I photographed them from above, from the top of a building somewhere. Below me I saw them bashing with long batons, a policeman about to lash out. At that moment, of course, you're focused on when you have to press the button. But I was so emotional that I pressed the shutter release too hard with a blurry photo as the result. In those days photos had to be in sharp focus. So I didn't keep the photo. Silly. It may have been a very good picture.'

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