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In 1994, the two buildings which accomodate the Museum are connected by a transparent covered walkway and bridgesThe museum slowly outgrew its accommodations. As a result, the acquisition policy was subjected to thorough review. Nowadays, the museum adheres to the guidelines of time, place and object. This means that acquisitions are limited to the present Kingdom of the Netherlands (including Belgium and Luxembourg prior to 1831) and the former overseas territories. Something had to be done about the housing of the collection too. In 1992, the adjoining house at Parklaan 16 was put at the museum’s disposal. The first and second floors proved to be extremely well suited as galleries. The attic became the museum’s repository. The ground floor includes a reception space for visitors and is further used for meetings and audio-visual presentations, while refreshments are served in the coffee shop De Pungelaar and in the conservatory The Fiscal History Library, the paintings, the restoration unit and the offices moved to the former museum building at Parklaan 14. During a 1994 renovation, the two buildings were connected by a transparent covered walkway and connecting bridges. A lift was installed as well (see above).

In 2001, the museum took a step into the new millennium by creating a ‘smuggling trip’ attraction that allows young and old to relive a chapter of the centuries-old struggle between customs and smugglers.

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