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Nico Jesse, Administrative department in the head office of the Oranje Nassau Mines, Heerlen (1952-1953)

The way a subject was approached was influenced by the client and/or the photographer’s artistic background. The cameras of the architecture photographers Hans Spies and Werner Mantz were used exclusively for documenting the built-up area. Nico Jesse took photos for a company book commissioned by the N.V. Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Limburgse Steenkolenmijnen Oranje Nassau, the company that owned the Oranje Nassau mines. His photography shows the production process and the life miners led, and emphasizes the importance of good personnel management with regard to housing and medical care. Freek Aal and Dolf Kruger worked for De Waarheid, the Dutch communist party’s daily. One of the drawbacks of working in the mines is illustrated by the photos Dolf Kruger took of a miner who could no longer work due to black lungs.

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