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The terms chosen to describe the subjects, designs, corner and border motifs are based on: 

Jan Pluis, with the cooperation of Daniël Hanekuijk, Piet Bolwerk and Jan van Loo, De Nederlandse tegel. Decors en benamingen / The Dutch Tile. Designs and names, 1570-1930, Leiden 1998 (2ndrevised edition in Dutch and English) 
Although the introduction by Pluis et al. does not include more recent tiles and foreign products, it has nevertheless been used whenever possible.

The fullest and most recent survey of Dutch tiles in the twentieth century, including much information on all the different manufacturers and workshops is:
Jan Pluis, Nederlandse tegels [Dutch tiles] 1900-2000, Leiden 2008

A general introduction to the history of the traditional Dutch tile is given in:

J.D. van Dam, Nederlandse tegels [Dutch tiles], Amsterdam/ Antwerp 1988;

Hans van Lemmen, De Nederlandse tegel, [The Dutch tile], Rijswijk 1997.

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