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Het Leven, 1909.

When the Frechman Louis Blériot was the first to cross the Channel in an airplane in 1909 it was global news. Developments and discoveries in technology and science were extensively covered in Het Leven.

At the beginning of the 20th century, aviation was a new and popular phenomenon. For the, at the time, enormous amount of 12,000 Dutch Guilders Het Leven sponsored the new engine of the first airplane that flew from the Netherlands to the Dutch East Indies in 1924 - after the old engine had been damaged. The exclusive photos generated as a result of these types of activities attracted many readers to the magazine.

In 1929, Het Leven was also involved in the flight above the Netherlands by the airship L.Z. 127 Graf Zeppelin, shortly after its trip around the world. The flight above the Netherlands was recorded in spectacular photos by one of the magazine's photographers.

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