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The photographs belonging to the Exhibition Council's collection were taken roughly between 1925 and 1935. In most cases the photographers' name is unknown. Copyright no longer applies to anonymous photographs taken over 70 years ago. But the collection also includes a number of prints of which the photographer is known, including B.F. Eilers, H. Spies, J.J. d'Oliveira and W. Mantz. In this case, the relative copyrights are held by the Netherlands Photography Museum in Rotterdam. Finally, there are photographers of whom only the name is known, but no further data are available about possible rightful claimants.

The NAi diligently tried to find any potential rightful claimants to the copyrights on the photographs on view. However, it was not always reasonably possible to ascertain the identity or place of residence of potential claimants due to the nature of the material. Anyone who wishes to assert their right to any content on this site is requested to contact the NAi.

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