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W.F.J. Pielage, 1946.

Since its foundation, Spaarnestad Photo has assumed several collections in addition to Blum’s work, a welcome supplement to its existing material. Similar to the work of the professional photographer Wilmar, the Pielage collection illustrates the police actions in the Netherlands East Indies. However, unlike Wilmar, W.F.J. Pielage (1913 – 1992) was an amateur photographer, who made pictures while on active service overseas in 1946-1947. Later, he signed on as the ship’s cook on the Dutch whaler Willem Barentsz and documented the ship’s voyage to Antarctica.

The Spaarnestad Photo’s own collections mainly consist of twentieth-century press and documentary photographs from all over the world. The nineteenth century material gathered by the Haarlem collector G.W. Winkler was, therefore, a welcome addition. These photographs, mostly printed on so-called albumin paper, show European landscapes and townscapes during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Such photographs were often purchased by the well-to-do (at the time even they did not always have cameras) on their voyages to Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Northern countries. The Pielage and Winkler collections managed by the Spaarnestad Photo are on view here in their entirety.

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