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A. Reijerse (attributed to), Bouquet of peonies (1907-1935).

This Memory collection gives an overview of the diverse contents being offered by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in contrast to other digital collections of the museum for which a thematic approach was chosen.  

The collection consists of negatives, color and stereo slides and prints. To prepare for the digitization, the objects were each given a unique number, description and, where necessary, were cleaned and repackaged. This – selective – way of digitizing was time-consuming.  Frequently, a choice was not made until a better view of the complete works of the photographer had been obtained; what were the main subjects, special techniques or the best prints.

Work by the following ‘invisible’ photographers can be viewed: Lood van Bennekom, Jo Bokma, Norbert Buchsbaum, Julius Guggenheimer, Paul Hartland, Hans Katan, Jan van Keulen, Manuel van Loggem, Jan van Maanen, Willem van Malsen, Carel de Vogel and Hans Wolf. Furthermore, the archives of amateur photographers were searched for representative images, including the archives of Gerardus Azings Venema, Heinz Baudert, Jan den Boestert, Adriaan Dronkert, David Kijzer and A. Reijerse (attributed to). In addition to stereo photographs, early color pictures (autochromes) were discovered.


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