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This project meant the first step towards the image bank for a large group of women photographers. Photographs by Miek Douw, Dop Heijns, Bertha van der Horst-Dikker, Wies Meertens, Claar Pronk, Ellen Thorbecke and (mother and daughter respectively) Louise and Gerda van der Veen can be seen.

Miek Douw, Grapes (1938-1940).

A number of these women were educated abroad. In the 1930s, for example, Douw learnt how to make color prints in Germany (the Duxochrome). At the time, she was one of the few photographers in the Netherlands who had mastered this technique. Work by Thorbecke is remarkable thanks to the reports she made in China in the 1930s.

Work by Lex de Herder, Cas van Os and Steef Zoetmulder is closely related to the history of photography in Rotterdam. These works were, however, not fully available for image selection. A large part of De Herder’s archives were incorporated in the Municipal Archives of Rotterdam, the majority of the archives of Van Os were lost and Zoetmulder himself was very strict in his selection.


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