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 The collection includes a selection of the most beautiful objects in the Army Museum's library/multimedia centre. The selection was made on the basis of four themes.

A soldier's everyday life is illustrated by drawings and paintings of servicemen and their barracks. They show a soldier's life governed by the many exercises and dominated by the regulations of life in the barracks. Ego documents tell us individual stories.

War and mobilization are also represented in the collection. The battles of the Eighty Years' War can be seen in prints. A book with wonderful colour illustrations pictures the Battle of Waterloo. Photographs give an image of the mobilization in 1940 and the police actions in what is now Indonesia.

Around 1900, studying uniforms was a great hobby of (former) officers. Splendid books and series of prints illustrate the history of Dutch uniforms since the Middle Ages.

Fortress and battering-ram illustrates the development of military architecture and equipment. Here, mathematical treatises and ground plans go together with prints of siege materiel and lithographs of guns and photographs of tanks in later years.

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