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Value of the emergency money
The emergency money issued between 11 and 17 May 1940 differed greatly in value and quality. The value varied from 1 cent to 100 Dutch guilders. Of this last denomination only those issued by the Municipality of Hoorn (80 samples) are certain. The main focus was on the guilders,  rijksdaalders (2.5 guilders) and quarters.

Emergency money municipality of Dinxperlo, May 1940: a simple piece of paper

Quality of the emergency money
The printing quality varied greatly among the municipalities. In municipalities where the need was particularly high it was sometimes no more than a simple piece of paper with a municipal stamp and signature by the Mayor or other person in authority in the village.

Professional printers
In other municipalities professional printers were used. A good example of this is Joh. Enschedé, from Haarlem, the printer of banknotes for the De Nederlandsche Bank.  This printing company made safe, secure emergency money. Even before this emergency money could be put into circulation, the permission to issue emergency money had been withdrawn. 

Emergency money municipality of Sassenheim, May 1940

The fact that some of the emergency money was so poorly protected does not mean that counterfeits were made. The limited circulation, the strong regional use and the short circulation time prevented this happening. The counterfeits did not come till later when the interest in emergency money as a collectors item grew sharply and collectors were prepared to pay large amounts of money for such notes.

Origin and composition of the collection
As far back as 1940 the Nederlandsche Bank attempted to obtain samples of all issued notes for its collection. In the end, they managed to obtain more than 300 different emergency notes. Around 1980 the Rijksmuseum Het Koninklijk Penningkabinet (National Museum of Coins and Medals) became interested in this phenomenon. It managed to put together a collection of about 220 pieces. 

Although the collections overlap in places, after combining them it appeared that they complement each other well in particular areas.

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