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J. Slauerhoff, who belonged to the group around the periodicals De Vrije Bladen and – later on –Forum, is one of the most important poets and fiction writers of the period between World War I and World War II. For the younger members of the circle around De Vrije Bladen, Slauerhoff was like a point of reference, as evidenced by the numerous essays, correspondence and biographic articles his contemporaries devoted to him. He played a similar role for later generations.

The Slauerhoff collection of the Literary Collection covers the period 1913-1936. The basis of the collection is Slauerhoff’s legacy as it was gathered shortly after his death, when preparations were made for the publication of his Verzamelde werken. In the course of time, the collection has been supplemented with documents from other legacies and archives. It includes letters to and from Slauerhoff, handwritten documents, typescripts, printer’s proofs, and official and personal papers.

The manuscript of the collection of poems Soleares, a notebook with handwritten, typed and printed text, has been selected for this site. It also includes annotations by writer E. du Perron.

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