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 In spite of his small oeuvre, J.C. Bloem is one of the major poets of his generation, the so called generation of 1910 that belonged to the circle around De Beweging, the periodical of their leader Albert Verwey. Bloem also owes his renown to his essays, limited in number but of an eminent quality.

The Bloem collection covers the period 1908-1966. The collection consists only in part of the documents left by Bloem, as his heirs destroyed a large part of his records. In the course of time, the collection has been supplemented with documents from other legacies and archives. It contains letters to and from Bloem, handwritten documents, typescripts, printer’s proofs, official and personal papers and copies with a dedication.

The manuscript of De Nachtegalen, a poem that was to be published in 1950 as part of the collection Avond, has been selected for this site (click 'inhoudsopgave' to browse through the document).

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