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Since his first novel Eline Vere was published in 1889, Louis Couperus has occupied a prominent place in Dutch naturalism. Although he seldom got involved in the theoretical discussions on late-19th-century literature, his very oeuvre made him the pre eminent author who gave shape to the renewal of literature at the time. He is one of the few Dutch writers of that period whose work is still alive.

The Couperus collection of the Literary Museum covers the period 1883-1923. The basis of the collection is formed by the documents he left behind. In the course of time, the collection has been supplemented with documents from other legacies and archives, including the records of L.J. Veen, Couperus’s main publisher. The collection includes letters to and from Couperus, handwritten documents, typescripts, printer’s proofs and official and personal papers (including financial records and contracts).

The manuscripts of the novels Metamorfoze (published in 1897) and De stille kracht (published in 1900) have been selected for this site (click 'inhoudsopgave' to browse through the documents).

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