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Page from the war album 1940 - 1945During World War II, Jacoba Sytske Douma, systematically photographed daily life under the Occupation while working as a teacher in Winschoten. This is why her archives constitute a unique historic document. Cobie Douma, who was given her first camera on her fourteenth birthday, attended the girls’ High School in The Hague. In 1939, she obtained a part-time job at a domestic science school in Winschoten. Shortly before the war, she moved to Groningen, but she returned to Winschoten when she got a full-time job there in 1941.

The outbreak of the war thwarted her holiday plans and Cobie Douma spent her holiday allowance on a new camera. With that camera she recorded the changes brought about by the German Occupation in Groningen and Winschoten. She compiled the photographs in two albums: a ‘war album’ and an album with private photographs, in which daily life during the war predominates.

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