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This partial collection includes some 300 texts circulated by the underground movement. In most cases they were anonymous, but sometimes they bore an author's name (whether fictitious or not). Among the authors are leading figures from the resistance movement, such as Koos Vorrink and J. Scheps.

Like the pamphlets, the brochures were used to make a strong stand against the German occupation and against the direct and indirect consequences the occupation had for Dutch society in general and for individual Dutch citizens in particular.

These brochures were also used for detailed discourses on the way society should be organized after the war. Very divergent views on society were presented in this context. As a matter of fact, the (more or less) organized resistance movement originated from all sections of the population and all ideological and religious persuasions. All these different - and sometimes contradictory - views were somehow expressed in these kinds of brochures.

Ultimately, the brochures had one common goal: to undermine the occupier's power and influence. Existing texts (sometimes originating from outside the Netherlands) were used in addition to texts originally written for that purpose.

The above comments about the pamphlets also apply to the number of copies in which these brochures were circulated and to their physical appearance.

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