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Lex de Herder on board of the s.s. Waterman on its way to Indonesia (1949)Early in 1949, Lex de Herder was sent to Indonesia as a conscript. He was stationed in Surabaja (Eastern Java) where from 15 February until 15 July 1950 he was a radio announcer on the programme for the Dutch troops at Radio Republik Indonesia Serikat. Thanks to his diploma from the Nederlandse Vereniging van Fotojournalisten (Dutch Society of Photo Journalists), obtained in 1948, he also worked as a photographer for the Dienst Legercontacten (Army Contacts Service) from 1949 until 1950 and taught photography to the soldiers.

The negatives from his archive as well as the three photo albums give an impression of the daily life of the Dutch army on the island of Java. The albums are a miscellany of war photography, snapshots of highlights from army life, touristic photography and documentary items such as receipts for drinks consumed. The photographs show similarities particularly with Breijers photo report 'Een dag uit het leven van soldaat Jan de Wit' (A Day from the Life of Private Jan de Wit). Lex de Herder sent the negatives of his experiences home, where his father had them printed and put them in albums. De Herder stayed in Indonesia until 1950.

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