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Collections of youth magazines can be found in various locations in the Netherlands. In many cases, this literary and cultural heritage is rare and fragile. Only a few of the institutes offer visitors the opportunity to leaf through the magazines or to study them. Microfilming is an excellent way to preserve vulnerable paper heritage for the future. Because of this, the Metamorfoze project (a joint venture of the Amsterdam Public Library, the Royal Library in The Hague and the Rotterdam Municipal Library) was initiated in 2003 with the objective of microfilming 33 youth magazines. The original preservation project was followed by this digital presentation in the Memory of the Netherlands so that the magazines can be made available to a large group of users.

A good deal of thought was put into making a selection for inclusion on this site from the collection that had already been filmed. The criteria were: completeness, the quality of the material, variety and length of publication. The resulting selection includes nine titles that were deemed to be usable. The digitization process also fitted the budget that the Metamorfoze project had made available.

All the titles and their physical locations are listed in the Centraal Bestand Kinderboeken (Central Children’s Books File).

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