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Objects from the Dutch colonial section of the World Fair in Paris, 1900
Ethnographic objects that provide a picture of the world of the Netherlands East Indies. A fine cross section from the Tropenmuseum collection. 

The Miniature Collection
Models of houses, dolls, boats and bridges collected in the period 1860-1940. Made to give museum and exhibition visitors an idea of what life was like in the East Indies.

Objects from the International Colonial Fair in Amsterdam, 1883
Figures of Buddhist and Hindu gods and idealized portrait images of kings. The figures come from temples from the Indo-Javanese period on Java (A.D. 800-1500)

Textiles from the Dutch Colonial Section of the World Fair in Brussels, 1910
A collection of textiles, articles of clothing, looms and spinning implements, mostly from Java, Sumatra and Borneo as well as from the small Eastern islands.

Objects shown at the World Fair in New York, 1929
A small collection of textiles and woodcuts that had been assembled especially for the fair.

Indische prent- en schilderkunst

220 Paintings and about 1,250 prints, obtained through gifts and purchases.

Photographs of New Guinea
Approximately 2,000 glass negatives illustrating life in New Guinea: religion, customs, population, social life, war, trade, agriculture, cattle breeding, natural conditions and art.

Examples from this collection Colonial World Fairs

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