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Reverend Metiarij and Prime Minister Lubbers ratify the Joint Statement with a handshakeAccording to the Dutch government, the violent protests of the 1970s were an expression of discontent about the poor position of Moluccans in Dutch society. In the following years steps were therefore taken to address social problems. Several Moluccan institutions were founded as well.

In the early 1980s, negotiations were initiated between the government and the Badan Persatuan (BP), the largest Moluccan organisation. These negotiations ultimately led to a 'Joint Statement' that was signed in 1986 by Prime Minister Lubbers and Reverend Metiarij, the chairman of the BP. The first generation was given a memorial medal and an annual allowance. Unemployment, drug abuse and housing problems were addressed and dealt with. The foundation of a Moluccan Historical Museum was also made possible.

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