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 Loenen aan de Vecht, washbasin in sideboard in Huis VreedenhoffThe old prints (numbered with prefix OF) originate from a collection which since the start of conservation efforts in the Netherlands has been built up mainly through donations. As a rule they have ended up with the RDMZ without the negatives, often as an appendix to correspondence about restoration, demolition and the like.

From the very extensive collection of old prints a selection of 5000 photographs was made for Memory of the Netherlands that illustrate the diversity in objects dealt with by the conservation agencies between 1860 and 1945.

The work of hundreds of photographers is represented in the collection. Unfortunately, many of them have still not been identified. This is mainly due to the exclusive focus put by the conservation agencies on subject description of the photographs, while completely ignoring their authorship. The RDMZ is now making a concentrated effort to catch up on this.

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