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The photographs can be searched on the name of the monument (or object), the name of the photographer, words from the description, name of location, street name, date of inclusion, or on a keyword.

Starting point for the description of the photo’s and glass plate negatives is the written information on the back of the original photographs, and the old negative registers from the period 1906-1930. This causes obsolete addresses and terms to occur frequently in the descriptions. This is especially the case with street names. For the correct current spelling of the town names the Lijst van Nederlandse Gemeenten (List of Dutch Municipalities) was used.

Whenever the name of the photographer is unknown, which applies especially to the photographs donated to the Rijksdienst, it is listed as 'onbekend' (unknown).

Sometimes the 'what' is unknown, for instance in the case of a house that no longer exists, a view of an unidentified village or images of liturgical objects, such as a Communion cup, of unknown provenance.

No doubt there will be errors in the descriptions: it has not always been easy to decipher the various handwritings from the first quarter of the last century.

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