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The CBG|Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis maintains a collection of more than 30,000 captioned portrait photographs. These photographs are taken from illustrated magazines that were published during roughly the first quarter of the twentieth century. In connection with the work of Memory of the Netherlands, this collection was digitised and made accessible via the search page.

Besides the numerous well-known personalities from that period there are also many lesser-known individuals to be found. So the postman with forty years of service behind him can be found next to the government minister, and the couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next to the rich industrialist.

Because the collection covers a period of nearly a century ago, many people will be able to find their ancestors or close relatives here, or certainly people who were important to these ancestors.

Generally speaking the collection contains quite a bit of detailed personal information. For some of the individuals in the 'collection' the biographical data is more extensive.

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