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Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, 1950 Sport

Piet Olyslager (1915-1993) initially worked at the garage Stam in Soest (Bugatti), taught himself how to draw and shortly after the war started to design both sports and luxury cars for, among other, Talbot-Lago and Abarth. A few years later his Olyslager Organisation started publishing the famous Motor Manuals (for car workshops) and the associated FAQ handbook (for individual car owners).

Over the years, the business grew into an international company with dozens of employees. At the end of the 1970s, Piet Olyslager sold his company to his employees, including his huge and unique archive. In 1997, the Olyslager Organisation handed the collection over to the NCAD, becoming the basis for the current collection.

Press photos and brochures dating back to the period 1889 to 1980 were selected for the Memory of the Netherlands.

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