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The Collection on view is multilingual: most items are in Dutch and Frisian, but there are also letters in English, as well as the beginning of a translation of Afke’s Tiental into German. The Collection includes a compilation of letters and postcards sent to S.M.D. Bokma de Boer by relatives, friends, fans and publishers in the years 1904 – 1935, in addition to her writings to others during the period 1903 – 1938. Bokma de Boer’s letters are mostly addressed to people living in Friesland or originating from Friesland, most of them engaged in literary activities in the widest sense of the word. She also had a lively correspondence with publishing houses.

 Furthermore, the Collection includes manuscripts of children’s books and tales, as well as contracts entered into with publishers. In addition, there is a variety of other items on view: poems with good wishes for the New Year, texts for calendars and exercise books with childhood memories and notes on idiomatic expressions and nursery rhymes. A special item in the Collection is a slip-case containing an album with the signatures of Pieter Jelles Troelstra’s friends in Utrecht. Another surprising item is the collection of recipes and menus that Bokma de Boer wrote down when still living at home with her parents. Forty copies of Nynke van Hichtum’s children’s books have been chosen to be displayed and they represent a cross section of her extensive literary oeuvre. The jackets of these books, which have often been magnificently illustrated, have been digitized. On view too, is a number of characteristic photographs of the author and her husband Pieter Jelles Troelstra, originating from the Tresoar collection.

 The letters and manuscripts included in the present Collection had already been microfilmed within the framework of Metamorfoze, the conservation programme of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library). Digitizing the material was the logical next step. Only the first chapter of the voluminous book manuscripts has been digitized as inviting people to read dozens of (handwritten) pages of text seemed rather pointless.

The permanent exhibition In hôf fol sang (Een hof vol zang) of Tresoar, the Frisian Historical and Literary Centre, features an overview of the Frisian literature. A substantial part of the exhibition is devoted to Nynke van Hichtum and her husband Pieter Jelles Troelstra by means of books and photographs.

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