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The failure of her marriage leads to a crisis in Bokma de Boer’s life. She tries to surmount it by working hard. Her son Jelle is a big support to her. In 1918, Troelstra attempts to bring about a socialist revolution. His failure to achieve this is a big disappointment for him. A year later, however, the universal suffrage does come into force. Gradually, Troelstra begins to withdraw from politics and in 1925 he steps down as the SDAP’s leader. After having devoted several years to writing his memoirs, Pieter Jelles Troelstra finally dies in 1930.

In the intervening years, Bokma de Boer concentrated on, among others, collecting and retelling fairy and folk tales from around the world. In addition, she translates foreign children’s books into Dutch. In the thirties, she has to stand by while the government headed by the antirevolutionary leader H. Colijn cuts down on wages and social benefits and unemployment rises explosively. Sjoukje Bokma de Boer dies on 9 January 1939 in Hilversum, at the age of almost 79 years. Throughout her life, she remained a staunch member of the SDAP. It was not until the year of her death that the social democrats participated in the Dutch government for the first time.

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