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German poster with OZO (Orange will overcome) written on it Many propaganda posters were blotted or torn off of the walls during the German occupation. The perpetrators saw this as an act of resistance and the risk of getting caught was reasonably small. The Germans' irritation grew daily, resulting in the prospect of severe punishments.

In the digital lesson for this collection, students play the role of perpetrator and have to try to work on as many propaganda posters as possible. That sounds easier than it is, because what are the differences exactly between propaganda posters and informational posters that give the population useful advise? And will they be able to stay out of the hands of the Germans?

Only authentic historical material was used for this game. The players walk over city maps from the war years. The posters and photographs are all from the NIOD collection. Even the graffiti used on the posters is real. Slogans like OZO ('Orange will prevail') were copied from photographs made in secret in the years 1940-1945.

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