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Queen Wilhelmina, 1904The inauguration of princess Wilhelmina as Queen of the Netherlands took place in 1898. She was the youngest queen in history -just eighteen years old - as well as being the first female monarch. The royal family had lost a lot of support among the population during the reign of her father, king Willem III. Wilhelmina was able to restore faith in the monarchy and grew into a well-respected 'Mother of the People'.

Queen Wilhelmina's reign spanned half a century. The final years in particular  established her reputation, as she guided the kingdom through the difficult years of World War II during her exile in England.

Queen Wilhelmina is known as a steadfast, self-willed woman who regarded kingship as something close to a divine calling.

Queen Wilhelmina married the German prince Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin in 1901. They had one child: princess Juliana (1909-2004).

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