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Princess Juliana en prince Bernhard during their engagement, 1936

The collection of picture postcards originated in another age. During the reign of queen Wilhelmina, there was a great distance between the head of state and the population. Queen Wilhelmina was well respected, and was often portrayed as a strict matriarch, who showed little emotion in public.

Crown princess Juliana was much less fond of protocol. When she announced her engagement to prince Bernhard in 1936, she proved ready to step out of her mother's shadow. The population fondly christened the couple 'Juul and Benno', and showed a great interest in the princess and her sporting, adventurous husband. Crowds of people, presenting floral tributes and showing an abundance of flags, gathered to welcome the couple during royal visits.

The picture postcards illustrate this love for the house of Orange. Every picture from the collection, from official portraits to family snapshots, reveals an almost blind admiration for the royal family. The collection clearly does not provide a well-balanced overview of the Dutch royal family's history.

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